At Pink Guerrilla Boutique, our mission is to showcase and promote successful women for any occasion. Whether you want to make heads turn or take control of your life, Pink Guerrilla Boutique sends the message that you are here to lead and you are here to stay. Our clothing is not just for women who do business, but women who mean business.

Pink Guerrilla Boutique features sleek, high-quality clothing and attire for modern women, no matter what the occasion is. Blazers, blouses, dresses, pumps, and outer wear for any season are all available at our disposal for women who don’t want to look meek or passive, along with any type of fashion accessory you need. We only use the finest materials and spare no expense on the quality of our merchandise, meaning you’ll be able to impress even the most particular fashion lovers.

Our clothing can be used to command authority while in a business meetings, offering women the power to sell their ideas and give themselves some self-respect. Pink Guerrilla Boutique’s products can also be used to convey a sense of elegance that the average pantsuit or pencil skirt may not have. You can wow your friends while going wine tasting on a Saturday afternoon, impress a business partner at a work dinner, or comfortably go out to happy hour when the workday is done.

Our products seamlessly integrate themselves into your life, perfect for meeting potential clients or stunning your friends at a night out. Pink Guerrilla Boutique’s catalogue can be used for any type of event. Our clothes reflect power and success without conforming to a man’s idea of women’s clothing. We stock clothes that can be comfortable without becoming sweatpants, and
stylish formal attire that isn’t purely designed for the male gaze.

We are here to cater to women of all sizes, as our clothing sizes go up to 3XL. Everyone who comes to our boutique can feel comfortable and chic in their own skin, take on any challenge and kick ass while doing it!

Check out our online boutique for an outfit perfect for you to take on your Board  Meeting and a night out with friends.